Origin Story

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The Fan Favorites

is not just a business

it is a labor of love!


We take the things that we are fans of (comic books, novels, music covers, inspirational text etc.) and give them a new life as fashionable accessories. We create upcycled products and extend the life of items that are ready to be thrown away.  Through this process we build unique items that we hope you will love as much as we do.

Our products make great gifts for friends and family. Imagine giving your loved ones, clients or co-workers a one of a kind gift that is a unique as they are? Or buy one for yourself and be the talk of the town. Either way FAN FAVORITES is the way to go.​

Most of our items are created from used comic books, novels, magazines, newspapers etc.  Those items are then covered in a clear water-resistant vinyl and transformed into one of a kind works of functional art. Being that each piece is one of a kind all pictures on this website are for reference only (your purchased items may have slight alterations).

While we hope that our favorite things are shared by you as well, we know that everyone has their own taste. To this end we are willing to create custom pieces using items that you provide (or ask us to find). So if you want:

A wallet made from the local newspaper you were in.

A purse made from your wedding invitations.

A hat made from your favorite sports team’s front page victory shot.

Whatever you are a fan of can become a FAN FAVORITE.​

Please contact us for more information and we hope that FAN FAVORITES becomes your favorite as well.